An Emmy Winner Proposed On Stage To His Girlfriend And People Lost Their Damn Minds

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Glenn Weiss won the award for Outstanding Directing for Variety Special at the 2018 Emmys Monday night. But he’ll probably best be remember as “the guy who proposed to his girlfriend onstage during his acceptance speech.”

In what may be the most tear-jerking moment in award-show history, the Oscars director accepted his award, then turned his speech into a proposal to his girlfriend, Jan Svendsen.

After explaining how his mother had passed away just two weeks prior, Weiss detailed how he got permission from his father to use her wedding ring to propose.

“This is the ring that my dad put on my mom’s finger 67 years ago,” Weiss said. “And to my sisters and brothers, I didn’t swipe it. Dad knows I have it, okay?”

“You wonder why I don’t like to call you my girlfriend? Because I want to call you my wife,” he said. Naturally, the audience lost their damn minds. There was a standing ovation. There were Oscar-nom-worthy celebrity reactions (of particular note: Leslie Jones, Sterkling K. Brown, and Benedict Cumberbatch.)

Weiss finished his speech by saying, “Thank you to the Academy!”

Social media was just as thrilled as the audience members.

Afterwards, Weiss spoke to reporters about the proposal backstage. He hadn’t planned on proposing on live television, but changed his mind after the death of his mother.

“It became a thought . . . the thought picked up steam as we got here,” explained Weiss. “This was coming. The timing just lined up very nicely, and it was a really magical moment.”

“Walking around on the carpet like nothing’s happening with this thing sitting in my pocket was very nerve-racking,” he added.

Watch the entire proposal below: