Sometimes Kids Say Unintentionally Creepy Things And Freak Parents Out (20 Tweets)

Are you ready to be totally rattled by the creepy-s**t these children have said?

Nash Flynn recently posted a story on Twitter that sets your hair curling; her kid apparently told her about the WALL PEOPLE. Terrifying. Check out that story and 19 others below.

1. Wall people

@itsnashflynn / Twitter
@itsnashflynn / Twitter
@itsnashflynn / Twitter

2. Before

@snoozeh / Twitter

3. Lady in the wall

@lauranourish / Twitter

4. Talked to the toy box

@jennifermyers333 / Twitter

5. Who is that?

@yesmissmurphy / Twitter

6. Bye, bye.

@ricedpt / Twitter

7. Bandy has long fingers

@thedrummond / Twitter

8. Mr. Black

@kaiavictoria / Twitter

9. The lady

@petiteprima / Twitter

10. He plays with me

@fightpaindaily / Twitter

11. Don’t, dad

12. Military man

13. Christmas

14. He’s crying

15. He wants to see us

16. Washers?

17. Dark forces

18. Toby

19. Bruce

20. He knew?


Kate Hackett

Kate is a freelance writer, actor, author and columnist living in Los Angeles.