50 Ingenious Marketing Ads That Companies Nailed

When brands got it right and made us look twice or even more.

In this day and age, ads are everywhere. I mean, everywhere! You can’t watch a cat video without sitting through a shampoo commercial first. And just when you think you’re in the clear, boom, another ad pops up. Seriously, it’s like playing whack-a-mole on your browser.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you stumble upon an ad that stops you in your tracks. You know the ones—they’re clever, maybe a little cheeky, and they stick with you long after you’ve scrolled past. There is a subreddit dedicated to clever ads that not only catch your eye but also make you want to stand up and give a slow clap. Trust me, you’re going to love these.

1. Littering Says A Lot About You – Live Green Toronto

2. Skyy Vodka (1995)

3. “Protect Wildlife, Before It’s Too Late” WWF Deutschland Campaign

4. Mississippi Department Of Transportation Ad Against Distracted Driving

5. One Click Can Change Your Future

6. Colgate Floss (2011)

7. World Vision – He Sees What Can’t Be Shown

8. Molson Brewery x Professional Women’s Hockey League (2024)

9. Sega Saturn ad (1995)

10. After Six (1972)

11. Smith & Wesson (1988)

12. J&B Scotch Whiskey (1990)

13. This ad for the Sanyo MX920K

14. Tiparillo (1967)

15. Budweiser (1967)

16. Cleanipedia “Unmentionable Stains”

17. 1968 Magazine Ad

18. From The Coldest Waters Of Norway – Ocean Blue

19. Mcdonald’s Heatwave Ad (UK)

20. Smirnoff (1990)

21. Toshiba (1967)

22. TG4: Irish TV Ad For Women’s Gaelic Football Season

23. This Canon Camera Ad On A Suzuki

24. Nike – Your Only Limit Is You

25. “Heavy Metal” magazine, (1984)

26. 3D Billboard For An Post. Dublin, Ireland (2023)

27. British Airways

28. Crown Royal (1990)

29. No Easy Way Out – Women’s Helpline

30. McDonald’s – Loved By All

31. Breast Cancer Now – Beat It

32. Lupin On Netflix (Or A Fake Jewelry Campaign)

33. Vintage Bob’s Big Boy Menu & Advertising

34. Duck Head (1990)

35. Thai Restaurant In A Small Town In Ireland

36. A Local Lawyer

37. Volkswagen Polo Ad (2005)

38. IKEA Early Christmas Sale Ad (2014)

39. IKEA Ad For Upcoming Store Opening In Oxford Street, London

40. Jim Beam (1990)

41. Rebel Sport – We’re Up For It

42. Panasonic (1990)

43. Trains – Now On Uber

44. Travel Faster With A Good Book – National Library Of Singapore

45. Nike Ad By Wieden+ Kennedy Featuring Young Serena Williams

46. Maxell (1990)

47. Pink Flamingoes (1987)

48. Sony (1990)

49. Icee (1976)

50. Technics (1987)