Dogs Who Look Like Celebrities (20 PICTURES)

Samuel L. Dogson inspired us this morning and the last time we got truly inspired the office squirrel “Uncle Nutsy” got seriously injured.

Whoopi Goldberg
whoopi goldberg dog
Paris Hilton
paris hilton dog
Rick James
rick james dog
Kate Moss
kate moss dog
Lady Gaga
lady gaga dog
Donald Trump
donald trump dog
J. J. Abrahams
celebrity dog
Tina Turner
celebrity dog look alikes
Julia Roberts
dog celeb look alikes
Kevin Malone
kevin malone dog
Zac Efron
doppelganger dogs
Orson Welles
celebrity dog pictures
Snoop Dogg
dog doppelgangers
Martin Sheen
dog totally looks like
Taylor Swift
taylor swift dog
Ron Swanson
ron swanson dog
Aziz Ansari
aziz ansari dog
Jorge Garcia
dog doppelganger