15 Celeb Couples Who Stayed Together Despite Cheating Scandals

Any time you decide to commit to a serious relationship with anyone is no easy task. Sure, it’s worth it when everything is working out. More often than not we’re faced with the reality that it doesn’t usually work out for the best. Every relationship comes with obstacles we must face as a couple and individually. Obviously, a big one is temptation and remaining loyal to our partners. For the most part I’d venture to say everyone reading this has either been cheated on or did some cheating of their own. I’m not condoning these actions in anyway but it seems to be a very common reality.

Now imagine trying to keep a happy relationship as a celebrity. Constantly put under a microscope no matter what you’re doing. Privacy is near impossible to obtain for you and your loved ones. Not to mention the increased opportunities to give into those temptations. You know, being rich, good-looking, constantly traveling. I can’t imagine the strength it must take to endure a celebrity relationship. This list is focusing on celeb couples who made it through the cheating rumors and stuck together for better or worse.

15. David & Victoria Beckham

In 2004 on a trip to Madrid David reportedly had an affair with his assistant at the time. Then 2 years later more woman came forward, eventually, the Beckham’s nanny threatened to reveal all of the soccer stars affairs. Not one time did our girl Posh Spice consider divorce, not when they had children to raise.

14. Snoop Dogg & Shante Taylor

Snoop and Shante were together before the rapper had become famous. They are actually high school sweethearts, who doesn’t go crazy for a good love story? As Snoop gained fame he began to get lost in his new career. The partying, the drugs, the girls. Eventually, Shante had enough and threatened to divorce Snoop. Snoop said that was his wake up call. He’s now a one-woman Dogg and focuses on his relationship with his wife. Even surprising her by renewing their vows in 2008

13. Bob & Rita Marley

Apparently, Bob and Rita had an agreement about the whole monogamy thing. Although, it’s reported Rita was not too excited about this so-called agreement. Whether or not she liked it she stuck by Bob’s side until his tragic death at the age of 36. Thanks to the affairs Rita and Bob had they ended up with 11 children between the both of them. Not to mention 3 others they actually shared.

12. Jackie Chan & Joan Lin

Jackie Chan and Taiwanese actress Joan Lin got married in 1982 after an unexpected pregnancy had led them to make the rash decision. At the time Lin was beginning to gain a good deal of fame in China. She put that all aside to be a loving stay at home mother. Chan, on the other hand, was shooting towards stardom living the lavish life with many girlfriends. Lin stood by him always and now both seem to be very happy despite their rocky past.

11. Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne

The couple was married in 1982, Sharon knew what the rock star lifestyle would entail after dealing with Ozzy’s hard drug problem. She even admitted to knowing he had been with 6 other women throughout their marriage. Eventually, Ozzy sent his wife an e-mail intended for his mistress and Sharon had finally had enough. She threatened to divorce him unless he sought help. Ozzy has received counseling for his sex addiction and the couple even renewed their vows.

10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt & Eleanor Roosevelt

Back when FDR was in office divorce was still very much frowned upon. After Eleanor had discovered her husband having an affair with her secretary she did not shy away from asking for one. Sadly, for her, her intimidating mother-in-law was having none of it. If FDR filed for divorce he would lose his massive inheritance. That wasn’t going to fly with his mother. Eleanor was forced to stay with FDR through a very sad marriage. Pretty sure they were also cousins, so there’s that.