Bride Asks Guest To Cover Her Tattoos And Dye Her Hair So She Doesn’t Ruin The Wedding, So The Guest Dragged Her Online

Whether you’ve seen the TV show or experienced one firsthand, Bridezillas are the worst. They think only of themselves and make outrageous demands.

A bride-to-be texted one of the guests to ask that she covered her tattoos and dyed her hair so as not to “ruin the theme” of the wedding.

As a friend of the bride’s fiancé, she had made an effort to get along with this woman despite not liking her very much. So when the bride decided to send this text, it was the final straw.

So the guest decided she needed to share this convo in a bridezilla-shaming Facebook group.

And the internet being what it is, she added that she’d prefer names and faces being blurred so there wouldn’t be any harassment.

Many other people were outraged by the bride’s behavior, as I’m sure you are.

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