25 Incredible Award Winning Selections From The ‘2024 BNW Minimalist Photography Prize’

Winners of BNW Minimalist Photography Prize 2024 announced.

Ever notice how sometimes less really is more? That’s what the ‘BNW Minimalist Photography Prize‘ is all about—celebrating the beauty of simplicity in stunning black and white. This year, the entries were nothing short of spectacular, each one proving that you don’t need a rainbow of colors to make a splash.

We’ve got our hands on some of the award-winning shots from 2024’s showdown, and trust me, they’re a feast for the eyes. Each photograph strips away the chaos to spotlight what’s truly important, playing with shadows and light in ways that’ll make you see the world differently.

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1. First Place Winner – “In Great-Grandpa’s Hands” by Yvonne C. Krystovsky

The photograph shows the hands of a great-grandfather holding those of his great-grandchild in a moment of tender connection. The wrinkles and scars on the old man’s skin tell of a lifetime of experiences, while the child’s soft fingers reflect the innocence and curiosity of youth. Photographed in black and white, the details emphasize the emotional depth of the moment and the contrast between old and young. Every line, texture and nuance reinforces the significance of this intergenerational love. This photograph is a touching testament to the beauty and depth of the connection between generations.

2. Second Place Winner – “Minimalist Concrete Staircase” by Daniel Zaleski

Newly designed and constructed concrete staircase in an old refurbished building (former slaughter house). I was immediately enthralled by the light, tones and simple lines.

3. Third Place Winner – “On top of Serra da Capelada” by Alexandre Caetano

Traveling through Costa da Morte, Galicia. 600m above sea level where the mountains separate the Cantabria sea from the Atlantic Ocean.

4. “Plus” by Nathan Wirth – Honorable Mention

Multonmah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, US

5. “Presence” by Soma Szebelledi – Honorable Mention

The figure of a woman breaks the strict shapes of the composition and becomes the dominant presence in contrast to the immense mosque wall. Her presence there felt visually and metaphorically rebellious. The scene interchanges different zones of exposure and textures in a geometrical way while she is blissfully out of place.

6. “Island of Youth” by Dennis Schulz – Honorable Mention

The Insel der Jugend is a real beauty in Berlin. Especially in the colder seasons, it shows itself in different facets and is always worth a visit. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to take this photo on a thick foggy day.

7. “Bridge Walker” by Klaus Lenzen – Honorable Mention

A pedestrian on a bridge over the Rhine in Dusseldorf (Germany). Captured below the bridge access.

8. “The Tree in the Winter Field” by Tomas Tison – Honorable Mention

My attention was captured by the solitary tree standing as a sentinel in this snowy scene. Its silhouette creates a strong contrast against the white background. I was also fascinated by the cloud structure above the tree, forming an almost poetic arc around it, as if nature itself wanted to emphasize its uniqueness.

9. “Windows” by Manfred Gruber – Honorable Mention


10. “Making Tracks” by Roy Curtis – Honorable Mention

A roe dear crossing an alien landscape of plastic agricultural fleece, leaving faint tracks as it goes.

11. “All Ways Down” by Matthias Dietrich – Honorable Mention

Where is the entrance? Where is the exit? The staircase. A different perspective. Reduced to the core.

12. “Baby Baboon Silhouette” by Turgay Uzer – Honorable Mention

There is a stand of baobab trees in Zambia’s Luangwa National Park where the sunset acts as backlighting. This image was taken at that time, using the last rays of the sun, which were illuminating a family of baboons.

13. “Dried Wood” by Marleen Van Hove – Honorable Mentio

A non-conventional view of the dried trees in Deadvlei, Namibia.

14. “Natural Light and Nude” by Jacinta Tomyn – Honorable Mention

Self-Portrait, Natural Light and Nude’ was captured in my home studio in Adelaide, South Australia, 2023, with myself both as photographer and muse. Using natural light only, I strived to subtly illuminate and present the nude with simplicity and elegance.

15. “Quiet Time” by Andrew Whettam – Honorable Mention

Shingle Street in Suffolk, England.

16. “Dilemma” by Hadi Dehghanpour – Honorable Mention

The photo shows the footprints of two off-road vehicles in the desert. In the middle of this crossroads, a person stands and does not know which way to go.

17. “Decisive Steps” by Rohit Rattan – Honorable Mention

The particular image was shot in the dunes of the Liwa Desert in the southernmost settlements of Abu Dhabi, which is an escape into the empty quarter stretching for almost 100 km of pure sand oasis. The image provokes thought for one to be durable against the adversaries of life and walk with decisive steps in the unknown oasis of life.

18. “On Light and Shadows” by Go Kochiya – Honorable Mention

In the plaza of a certain facility, several huge pillars were creating shadows. One of them was in a state of sharp V-shaped refraction due to a series of shadows, creating a flat composition of light and shadow. In order to make this composition appear three-dimensional, I photographed a man walking in a position that had both light and shadow in the landscape.

19. “Cat in the Window” by Izabella Bandych – Honorable Mention

Even when going to the store, it’s worth having a camera with you and not looking down. In the windows of apartments, you can discover numerous intriguing stories and frames. This picture is a tribute to that.

20. “Endless” by Sun Philippaerts – Honorable Mention

24 July, 2023. Self portrait. Artwork by Richard Serra. Location: Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, the Netherlands.

21. “Trilogy” by Gabrielle van den Elshout – Honorable Mention

Office building in Amsterdam.

22. “Sticks in the Water” by Rachel Wei – Honorable Mention

This was taken in Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture in Japan. The minimalist arrangement of the sticks against the backdrop of the majestic mountains creates a serene and captivating scene.

23. “Single Tree” by Mohammadreza Rajaei – Honorable Mention

A single tree in the snow.

24. “Anchor” by Marco Maljaars – Honorable Mention

A piece of old metal, scarred by the ravages of time. Rusted, Worn but still resistant to the elements. An anchor to hold on to like a rock in the surf.

25. “High Rise” by Costas Kariolis – Honorable Mention

The symmetrical lines and repeatable patterns of these newly constructed high rise blocks intrigued me. Like a jigsaw puzzle, I felt these residential structures could be inter-linked by sliding them together into one uniform shape. I played on the mono tone mood of the morning with a close up, abstract interpretation of this high rise, urban retreat.