Ariana Grande Just Took Out Her Ponytail And Fans Are Shook Over Her Natural Hair

For years, Ariana Grande has had one signature look that she’s been known for—her long ponytail.

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While fans and followers obsessed over it, Grande has always been honest about the ponytail being extensions. Regardless, she rocks her long hair everywhere she goes.

She even sang about her long hair in “7 Rings” saying: “you like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it.”

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Recently, however, Grande showed fans that she could get vulnerable and show off her hair underneath all that weave.

It all started with an old newspaper article that resurfaced about 5-year-old Ariana getting hit with multiple hockey pucks at NHL games. Grande shared the photo from her youth saying that she still looks like this, without the lashes and ponytail.

So, a fan asked Ariana if her curls were still alive.

Another dug into the archives looking for her old school locks.

Ariana told fans that her curls are kind of there, but need to grow out from all the damage from when she went blonde last year.

So, fans wanted proof.

So, Queen Ari let her natural hair fly and—oh boyyyy is it short.

That’s right, Ariana Grande has short, natural, curly hair.


Fans on Twitter were obsessed with the short look, and many of them begged Ari to ditch her extensions.

It just goes to show you, Ariana Grande can do anything and she will always be perfect.

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