Amy Schumer And Emily Ratajkowski Detained At Washington D.C. Protest Against Brett Kavanaugh

Comedian Amy Schumer and actress Emily Ratajkowski have reportedly been detained during protests at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington D.C. on Thursday. According to Twitter, Schumer and Ratajkowski were protesting with other women when they were held by authorities (and, apparently shared some snacks).

Both actresses joined hundreds of women to protest the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. After the hearing where both Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford shared their stories, the country has been divided over whether or not Kavanaugh should still be appointed.

Video shared online showed Schumer and her I Feel Pretty costar protesting among the masses holding a sign that reads “We believe Anita Hill.” In the video, Schumer can be seen being pushed by authorities, as she claims it’s a “public forum.” Schumer reportedly told authorities “Yes” when they asked if she wanted to be arrested.

Ratajkowski posted a photo to her Twitter account earlier with a sign that reads “Respect female existence or expect our resistance.”

Both Schumer and Ratajkowski spoke to protesters and stood by their stance against Kavanaugh’s nomination. The protests come after reports broke that the FBI did not interview Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford in their investigation, or dozens of other witnesses who wanted to give their testimonies.

People online were impressed and moved by both women, commending their bravery and their strength–standing on the right side of history.

One woman shared a video of Schumer on her Twitter account, claiming the comedian was protesting side-by-side with her mother.

According to reports, 293 people were arrested in the Hart Building on Thursday along with Schumer and Ratajkowski. Clearly, we’re surrounded by some powerhouse women who are not afraid to stand up and speak out. Thank you, Amy and Emily–we need more women like you.