6 Potential Spoilers That Might Actually Happen In Season 8 Of Game Of Thrones

It’s finally here everyone—the weekend we have all been waiting for. On Sunday, April 14th, HBO will air the final season premiere of the greatest TV show in history—Game of Thrones. From the epic battle scenes, the heartbreaking betrayals, and the even harder deaths—fans have been rewatching seasons 1-7 to get that final last look in at the characters, the storylines, and the true feeling of falling back into Westeros.

With the final season upon us, every fan is wondering one thing: who will take the Iron Throne? Many of us have no idea—but, there are those who have some theories of what may go down in season 8. Warning: for those who hate spoilers, there are spoilers ahead. 

1. Jon Snow might die.

In February, HBO released a poster for Season 8 that had Jon Snow sitting on what appeared to be the Iron Throne. Snow is seen wearing his regular all-black attire, with a very special sword in his hand. Immediately, fans noticed a very familiar image that brought them back to a much simpler time.

One person online pointed out that the image resembled that of Ned Stark, sitting in an almost similar position with the same sword on the Iron Throne. Immediately, people began to wonder if Jon Snow would suffer the same fate as Ned Stark did in Season 1.


Could it be that Jon Snow gets decapitated the way that Ned Stark did, in front of all of Westeros? It wouldn’t be too insane to imagine, right?

2. Jon and Dany end up together ruling over Winterfell.

In January, one of the first sneak-peaks that the show and HBO dropped was Dany and Jon returning together to Winterfell, greeted by Sansa Stark (and a very worried Brienne).

Some fans think that Dany and Jon are now an item, seeing as they left off pretty hot and heavy together—and, they have no idea that they’re actually related. Maybe the two will rule over Winterfell and be together forever—or until the White Walkers take over.

3. Jon and Dany will have a baby.

After Season 7 left off with Jon and Dany getting together, some think that the two of them will end with a child. Everyone has been wondering who the Prince Who Was Promised truly is—and, some believe that it could be Jon and Dany’s love-child, seeing as so many Targaryens had incest babies who were on the Iron Throne—it’s not too far off.

4. But, Jon will learn his true identity early on.

If Dany and Jon return to Winterfell in the first episode, there’s a pretty good chance that Bran and Jon will meet and speak. Aside from his long-awaited reunion with Arya, Jon’s going to see his other siblings at Winterfell. We know that Bran and Sam know that Jon is not a bastard, but a Targaryen.

It’s about time Jon knows who he truly is.

5. Westeros burns to the ground.

Around the end of January, a photographer shared photos on Twitter of the production set of Game of Thrones in Ireland that showed Westeros burning to the ground. As many people know, the White Walkers are coming towards the city and coming to take all of the living—a huge battle scene that burns down the center of the city is not super crazy.

6. And, it might be Cersei who burns down the city.

As it goes, there’s always spoilers around the web for wildly popular TV shows and movies. Someone always gets inside and finds a way to leak the most important and intimate details for highly anticipated things in the entertainment industry. According to the leak, King’sLanding is definitely going to be f**ked up.

One of the scripts, Cersei is going to be “the one who burns down King’s Landing.” With what? Well, if we know Cersei, it’s probably Wild Fire. The leaked script also hinted that there will be “blue fire” from Viserion, who is now a White Dragon. Apparently, Khal Drogo may also return on the dark side of the battle.