‘Game Of Thrones’ Creators Say They Hid The Show’s Ending In This Spotify Playlist

If by some chance you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months and haven’t heard the news…the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere is THIS SUNDAY! Yes, really.

Most of us have already prepared our watch party plans and are just counting down the slow monotonous hours until Jon Snow graces our screens.

In anticipation of the premiere, all kinds of details have been coming out about the series including a potential spoiler hidden in a Spotify playlist.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday and people are stoked.

Recently, creators of the show David Benioff and D.B. Weiss teamed up with Spotify to give fans a new playlist: “Game of Thrones: The End Is Coming” and it’s pretty great.

In addition to amping fans up with songs that remind us of the show, the creators insist that the answer to the GOT ending is hidden in the playlist.

“The answer to the ending is one hundred percent hidden in the playlist choices,” Benioff and Weiss told For the Record in an email. “No one will believe us, but it’s true.”

In between dissecting this final playlist, you can also stream HBO-curated playlists for each individual season.

All of the season-based playlists feature the show’s score created by Ramin Djawadi.

AND there are also specific user-generated playlists inspired by characters of the show, including Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, and Arya Stark.

Now, if you’ll excuse us we’ve got some serious detective work to do before Sunday.

h/t BuzzFeed