This Woman Trolled A Dude Sliding Into Her DMs By Requesting Money For Each Response

Michigan native Haley was inspired to respond to unwelcome DMs from strange men by requesting money—and the ensuing conversation was…telling.

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The 31-year-old told BuzzFeed News that she often gets messages and friend requests from men she’s never met, and in the past has responded with a “quippy” comment, if at all. But her new tactic—of requesting payment in place of an actual reply—was inspired by a Facebook post that went viral last year by a woman named Lisa Lee Curtis.

“I recently saw a post a friend shared where a woman simply responded by requesting money. I found that absolutely hilarious, but also effective at conveying the whole point that she had no interest in entertaining his advances,” Haley told the publication.

So she decided to try it out earlier this week when she received a friend request and message from a dude she’d never met.

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She first made sure she had definitely never met the man. She and James had four mutual Facebook friends in common, and she wanted to be certain they didn’t know each other and she’d just forgotten who he was.

James replied to her query with “Nope but I think ur gorgeous,” a line which she says she’s tired of hearing.

“Nine times out of 10 I get a response very similar to his — something along the lines of ‘no, but you’re gorgeous’ or ‘no but I’d like to.’ And that irritates the hell out of me,” she told BuzzFeed News.

Haley hit him with a request for $25, writing, “Please remit $25 for response” before sending a second request.

James spiraled from confusion to aggression and pompousness, writing, “I got So many hot bitches on lock. I’m retired and only 30 years old babe.”

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James went on to explain that Haley was “talking to a real Gangster and pimp” and that he only has money because he doesn’t spend it “on sh*t that’s pointless.” He told her he needed “more than ‘please send 25 for response.'”

Haley then doubled her payment request, bumping it up to $50.

So James let Haley know that his entire family is attorneys—as one does. “So I wouldn’t try anything illegal,” he warned her.

Haley responded with two more requests for payment, steadily upping the amount from $150, to $2,000, to $3,000.

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James replied by telling Haley to “remit $2000 for me to f**k [Haley],” and explained that while he thought she was “sexy as f**k,” he is not the type of man to “pay for sex or talk.”

Instead, he offered to meet up so they “can talk money,” and voiced concerns that she’d steal his money and then block him—this had happened to his friends, he said.

“I found his requests for money particularly funny since he took it upon himself to brag about being rich and retired at 30 years old,” Haley told BuzzFeed News. Her final request to him was for $3,000, expiration date March 12.

She explained that she wanted to share the conversation due to recent interactions she’d had with angry men. “Irecently shared an interaction that started the same way, and ended in the person telling me I’m ugly inside and killed chivalry,” she told the publication.

“Men feel the need to vocalize how they feel about women and that they feel they are entitled to a response to their opinion on our looks. Explaining that to every man who slides into my DMs is exhausting.”

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