15 Wives Who Are Out Here Really, Truly Trying Their Best

People are under the impression that once a couple gets married, everything is all rainbows and butterflies. I hate to be the one to burst your lovey-dovey bubble, but that is far from the truth. Sure, marriage is a wonderful contract between two people who truly love each other but, if you think that everything is always perfect, well, you’re in for a rude awakening.
Life gets busy, things get messy, and a lot of reality hits us upside the head, blindsiding us all. Therefore, many of us forget the truly important things–or, fail completely. But, that doesn’t mean we stop trying. Some of us wives are out here truly, deeply giving it our all–and, still failing.

15. Loves puppies.

14. This wife who truly tried to fix the hole. Truly.

13. This wife that had to put out wanted signs for the baseball glove she completely lost.

12. This wife who tried to make her hubby a nice, delicious breakfast.

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I had ONE job this morning. One job! #worstwifeever

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11. This wife who got White Castle without informing her man.

10. This wife who is definitely not cut out to be a barber.

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Well, there goes my tip. Sorry David!!!

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9. This wife who washed her husband’s face in the laundry.

8. This wife who broke her husband’s favorite Christmas ornament.

7. This wife who has no place at the grill.

6. This wife who totally forgot to go “all out” on Valentine’s Day.

5. This wife who can’t be trusted washing pillows.

4. This husband who was left to fend for himself.


2. This wife who completely destroyed her wedding ring.

1. This wife who actually committed a sin.