A Couple Got Married At A Zoo And This Bear Had A Lot Of Feelings About It

It’s hard to say what animals think about all of our human ridiculousness. A lot of what they observe us doing must not make a whole lot of sense. For instance, a wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremonies don’t even make that much sense from the perspective of people really. So expensive, so stressful, so much insane family drama. To an animal, who is unaware of all the planning logistics, it must look even crazier.

But why would a wild animal see a wedding ceremony? Because people keep getting married at the zoo.

Personally, I think this is a weird place to get married unless it’s a metaphor for permanent captivity. There is an opportunity for some fun photo ops. Reddit user u/DrBaumli made it to the front page with this photo of a bear watching two people commit their lives to each other. The expression on its face makes you think it wants to object:


Married and on the front page of Reddit? Their cup runneth over.

They also shared a couple more bear outtakes on Imgur, all of which were shot by Chris and Kristy Photography. The bear’s face really tells a story. I’m beginning to think the bear loved the bride in another life and it’s all flooding back to him as he watches her marry another:


Ahh, cruel fate that separates the bear from his true love!!


Even DrBaumli agrees the bear is devastated, writing that he chose to share the first pic because in the latter ones the bear “looked too broken-hearted. I figured this one people could just shrug off to him being silly. Feel free to post it yourself, though!”

So, you admit the bear is in love with your wife. Honestly, it could go worse.

Don’t get married at the zoo.