The Truth About Being Single Vs. Being Married

Whether you like it or not, being in a relationship changes you. It’s a wonderful thing to find a life partner, but you have to be prepared for the changes and sacrifices. That’s not to say they are all bad changes … after all, getting rid of those Ninja Turtles boxers is just good for humanity, period.

Your Cleavage Strategies Change


When you’re a single girl and looking for love, you want to show your assets but you don’t want to expose too much. A little bit of skin here, a little there, but let’s pair it with a long-sleeved shirt for the sake of modesty. On the flip side, when you’re taken, you want to show the world what your significant other is getting, and what everyone else is missing.


No More Nasty Leftovers


We think it’s fair to say single people probably have the worst eating habits out of all. After all, why bother cooking an entire meal just for one person? So we rely on takeout and leftovers and our fridge is always full of expired food. But once we’ve found someone, we want to impress them. We take out mom’s cookbook and make an Instagram-worthy meal every night.


Goodbye To Those Old Boxers

Student Beans

When you’re single, the number one thing you look for in underwear is comfort. At that point, style is not a concern. It also doesn’t hurt if you find a pair of undies with your favorite cartoon characters on them. But when you’re in a relationship, all that goes out the window. You wear something that flatters your attributes even if it’s too tight for comfort.