23 Spellbinding Accessories That A True Witch Can’t Live Without

October has officially arrived and we can already feel our inner witchiness beginning to surface. It’s only a matter of time before the Hocus Pocus marathons commence and we start casting spells on our exes…I mean…brewing love potions. Though it doesn’t have to be the month of Halloween to embrace the sorceress inside you, it certainly helps to get us into the spooky mood. It also inspires us to stock up our arsenal of witchy essentials. Here are just a few accessories that would make any Sanderson sister proud to call you a fellow witch. Come sisters, we fly!

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23. A composition notebook designed specifically for a spell-writing witch.

Wingardium Leviosa!

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22. This gorgeous skeleton hand for hanging all of your witchy jewelry.

Is this the hand of Billy Butcherson!?

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21. A pair of Ouija planchette earrings that will be the envy of every event you attend.

And they ward off evil spirits, a win-win.

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20. The essential deck of tarot cards for all of your fortune telling.

Oh look, it seems I’ve drawn my ex’s card.

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19. This adorable little kitchen witch that will watch over your cauldron of potions.

Double, double toil and trouble ?

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18. A magical subscription box full of witchy accessories.

Bring me my spellbook!

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17. A pair of handmade witches feet you can tuck into your potion book.

There’s no place like home…

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16. This adorable skirt covered in kitty witches.

How purrrfect, my dear.

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15. This witchy coffee mug to remind your coworkers that you don’t mess around.

Don’t make me put a hex on you, Carol.

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14. A witch hat that comes with a friendly hanging spider.

Smiffys Witch Hat Size: One Size

An essential piece of any wardrobe.

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13. This timeless effervescent moon pendant necklace you can wear year round.

A piece of the night is always with us.

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