Why The New iPhone Update Is Gonna Make Guys Think Twice About Sending Dick Pics

As many iPhone users know, the new iOS 12 rolled out this week with a lot of new features. Among the masses, you can now do “group FaceTimes,” the phones work faster, there are more privacy and security features, and of course, you can make yourself into a “Memoji” which is a moving Bitmoji for anyone who still uses those.
However, when I was browsing online through the new features on iOS 12, I was struck with curiosity about a new camera feature that was just added. One Twitter user, Joel Franco, showed the new feature–the camera can measure any object on the screen that you may take a photo of.

Being the type of person that I am, the first thing I thought of is–guys are going to have to see the depressing actual numbers and measurement of their junk if they continue to perpetuate the narrative of sending women unsolicited dick pics.

Let’s face it, guys love sending women pictures of their junk. Why? I’m not 100% sure. For some, it’s an ego boost I guess to say–”haha, you’ve seen my d*ck!” For others, they’re trying to rope women in with their junk–clearly, these guys don’t know that seeing a photo of a d*ck does absolutely nothing for us. And, then, there are those who are just straight up obsessed with themselves and their junk.

With these many groups of men, we know one thing is for sure–guys are always trying to make their d*ck look bigger than it actually is when taking d*ck pics. They do everything they can to do so–using their hand in the proper place, using filters, getting a good angle.

Well, boys, I hate to tell you–game over. Now, you will have the exact measurment of your shlong right there in beautiful, retina clearness to read–and, I bet many of you will be disappointed.

Could Apple have just solved the unsolicited d*ck pic epidemic for all of us ladies? Here’s to hoping!

Lex Gabrielle

A mom of two who loves to spend her free time writing about life, love, and all the little moments in between.

I have a bachelor’s degree in media studies and journalism and two master’s degrees in education. When I’m not writing and chasing my two kids around, I teach journalism full-time.