Guy Tells Sexual Assault Survivor To Be ‘More Brave’ On First Date, Gets Brutally Owned By Internet

Going on a first date can be really nervewracking for many individuals. But, for those who have been victims of assault, putting yourself out there can be not only difficult but almost traumatizing. For many victims, we are unsure and uneasy when it comes to trusting new people—as we’ve been burned by those who we thought were loyal at a given time.

We try our best to look for the absolute best in everyone we meet—despite our guts telling us otherwise. But, sometimes, trying to open up to someone can be a huge regret, especially when they’re not someone who we should have wasted our time with.

Ericka Persson shared her story on Twitter after she decided to accept a last-minute date with someone. The rest of the story…well, it’s God-awful.

As they decided to go to dinner late, their date was rather short because the restaurant he chose was going to close pretty soon after they arrived.

Persson wasn’t ready to have him over her house—or go to his—as the two had just met. However, her date responded saying she was being “difficult.”

He clearly wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Persson decides to be honest and explain that she’s had problems in the past with men—alluding that she’s been assaulted by men.

And, his response…I just…WHAT?!?

Persson was not going to let any guy take her dignity and agency away from her.

Many people online were appalled and disgusted by this dude and his lack of compassion.

h/t: Twitter, Someecards.