Baristas Share The Most Hilariously Weird Orders They’ve Ever Been Asked To Make (30 Pics)

16. Water with extra water.

17. One wasp, please.

18. Why would anyone do this to themselves? Was this a dare?

19. No water in the drink famous for having a lot of water in it.

20. It’s a mobile order because the person barely wants anyone to see their face.

21. This person is in a coma now.

22. Whatever else you got back there, throw it in. Maybe some butter?

23. Hold the whip. I’m watching my figure.

24. Insane.

25. This person knows that they like. All of it.

26. Is that the name he gave at the counter?

27. This is the least weird one on the list and it’s still a lot.

28. Lizard.

29. Non-fat so it’s healthy.

30. A possible world record?