35 People Confess The Cheapest Thing They’ve Ever Witnessed Someone Do

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We all know people who are pretty cheap when it comes to spending money. No matter how much they have, they don’t want to give it up. Even if it means they make the people around them suffer, or you know–they look really f**king cheap–they don’t care.
As long as they have their money, they’re happy. But, sometimes, our cheap-o friends and family can do some ridiculous, outrageous, and embarrassing things to save a buck. People on Reddit are sharing the cheapest things they’ve ever seen someone do and, ouch, I’d hate to have my spot blown up like this.


Back when my brother and I were young kids, we took a trip to the zoo with my grandma. When my brother and I got hungry, we asked her to buy us food. Since everything at places like these is extremely inflated, my cheap grandma refused to but us normal food. She proceeded to walk up to the stand where you can buy crackers to feed the goats, and bought my brother and I a handful or crackers for $2. Horrific experience.



Complain that a steak wasn’t good quality, too fatty. Manager provided another steak and was taking away the other steak. They stopped the manager and asked if they could box it up for them so they could take it home for their dog.

They do have a dog and I believe that’s what they were going to do, but the manager had this incredulous look in his eyes.



Had a friend that would pay for his bar tab using all of our tips. He was caught after our regular waitress got fed up with not getting much of a tip after having a full table all night and having a chat with us, we were all good tippers so it made no sense. The next time we went to the bar we all threw our money on the table as usual, all except one. Dave. We had never really watched before because we didn’t think we had to. His excuse was that our tips always more than covered his bill as well as leaving some extra for the waitress. We stopped inviting Dave out.



friend of mine would join us to dinner to lets say applebees. He’d order a side dish/or nothing at all, then wait till everyones done eating, and say hey you going to finish that burger/fries/chicken to everyone who had left overs. Then make him self a full plate/meal with everyones leftovers and eat it.



My cousins didn’t know that ketchup & mustard came in bottles because my uncle would just steal packets from McDonald’s to use at home.

They were by no means struggling. He was just very, very cheap. So cheap it was an artform. He also drank creamers at diners and took all the jam on the table…except for grape because he found out somewhere that grape was the least expensive of the jams, so he left it to be spiteful.



I paid a shawarma for me and a friend; After he eats half of it, he offers to sell me the remainder.



My friend in college would never buy a chaser for his liquor and always used other peoples’ or whatever he could find in the refrigerator of a given party. Needless to say, he drank a ton of milk with his whiskey during our time as undergrads.



Stuffing their date in the trunk so they wouldn’t have to pay for their ticket at the drive-in



One of my college roommates would take double-stuffed Oreos out of our other roommate’s package and replace them with his own single-stuffed Oreos



I was giving a dude a ride home one time and all of a sudden he yells “Dude pull over real quick!!” And I pull over, confused and a little freaked out.

He runs up to some random persons front porch, steals some cigarette butts out of their ash tray and comes back. Says to me, “Betcha didn’t see those over there did you” all proud of himself. I wanted to throw up lol