Baristas Share The Most Hilariously Weird Orders They’ve Ever Been Asked To Make (30 Pics)

Coffee is good. I drink it black. Some freaks, however, are out there in public ordering sugar, whipped cream, and chocolate in their drinks. Others do even worse. Luckily, baristas at Starbucks are willing to shame these weirdos on the internet. Weird barista orders are probably the reason they get your name wrong on the cups. If you’re willing to order these odd beverages, the rest of your life is weird too.

Is Starbucks good to its employees? For the most part, yes. They give benefits to part-time employees, and 30% of workers already make over $15/hour. But, please don’t take advantage of their good nature. No one should have to see your 20-step coffee order. If you’re at Dunkin’ forget it! Be as nice as you can.

Do better, caffeinated people!

Here are the weirdest and funniest orders baristas have ever received from customers:

1. Would love to know what “upside down” means.

2. Why should be asked every time someone orders.

3. How many pumps, sir?

4. 30 for 30.

5. Hold the coffee.

6. There’s definitely no room left.

7. I’ll have lemonade with no lemons, thank you.

8. Throw a few bananas in there why don’t you?

9. The sugar and Splenda combo.

10. I’ll know if you don’t do the half pump.

11. I wanted ice-cream but this will have to do.

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12. What’s known at the soda fountain as a “suicide.”

13. I’ll take one with everything.

14. A snowcone by any other name.

15. Pump it up.

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