Bridezilla Demands Size 8 Dresses For Entire Bridal Party

Size 8 or hit the gym says bridezilla.

Weddings are supposed to be magical days filled with love and joy, but let’s be honest – they can be a total nightmare for everyone involved. Even as a guest, there’s the stress of finding the perfect gift and wearing something that won’t embarrass you in the photos. But no one feels the pressure more than the bride, who can sometimes morph into a full-on bridezilla. We’ve all heard the horror stories, but this one takes the cake (and probably demands it be gluten-free).

So, a bride in Tulsa, Oklahoma, decides that her dream wedding includes not just a beautiful venue and a stunning dress, but also a bridal party that all fit into size 8 dresses. Yes, you heard that right – she wanted every single bridesmaid to be a size 8. It’s like she was casting for a synchronized swimming team, not planning a wedding.

And that’s not all! This bride’s demands went beyond the usual bridezilla territory. She wanted her bridesmaids to chop their hair to shoulder length, avoid getting tans, and basically morph into clones of her ideal vision. It’s no surprise that the maid of honor got the boot – I’m betting there was some serious drama there.

As someone who’s been in a few weddings, I can tell you that bridesmaids already have enough to worry about. Between the dress fittings, the bridal showers, and the bachelorette parties, we’re pretty much running on empty. Now imagine being told you need to lose weight and change your appearance on top of everything else. Talk about a wedding nightmare!

Check out these wild texts from the bride-to-be:

One of the bridesmaids spilled the tea on Reddit’s Choosing Beggars page, writing, “I’ve officially dropped out of the bridal party. I’m a size 12 with no plans on dropping to a size 8 by December.” She also mentioned she had just had a baby and there was no way she could lose weight that quickly.


Here’s a closer look at the madness:

The bride found out about the bridesmaid’s online post and sent her a message. The bridesmaid then shared another update, saying,

“So I just got a call from bridezilla (that’s what everyone is calling her on this post and it has a nice ring to it). She has seen this post on Facebook and knows it was me because of my post history. I’m officially kicked out of the wedding and she has blocked me on all social media. My cousin has as well but I’m almost positive it’s because she made him do it. I was told to take this down. She said she’s not a racist and not as mean as I’m making her out to be. Her mother then called me and said some very mean things to me and talking about suing me and calling the cops if I don’t take this down.”


The bride is being called racist after it was revealed that the maid of honor was removed from the wedding because of her dark skin.

Good luck to the poor guy marrying her!

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