15 Types Of Friends You’re Definitely Gonna Need To Get Through Your 20s

Making it through your 20’s requires a motley and eclectic crew of friends to help you, distract you, and force you to have fun (even when you don’t want to). It’s like an Ocean’s 11 movie — except instead of stealing from a casino, you’re just trying to make it to 30 with your health, happiness and a few shreds of dignity intact.

Here are just a few types of friends that you’re pretty much required to have in your 20’s — for better or worse.

1. The Errand-Running Friend

Because even if you’re only bargain-hunting and debating whether or not you look good in culottes (pro-tip: NOBODY DOES), it’s important to have a sidekick to make the impulse purchases that much sweeter.

2. The Bad Influence

Yeah, you know how you said you weren’t gonna do shots tonight? Well, this friend is the one who decided that you’re definitely gonna do shots tonight. You can thank them for your hangover tomorrow.

3. The “Sexual Guru” Friend

At some point, we all need that one, more sexually-experienced friend to guide us into the complicated and confusing world of hookups — even if their bawdy conversations on the subject are enough to make you turn bright red.

4. The “Just Checkin’ In” Friend

Are they always there when you need them? Okay no, not really. Do they care about your well-being? Sort of — enough to check in on you, anyway. Can you imagine your 20’s without this kind of person randomly sending you texts at the weirdest moments? No, probably not.

5. The Editor Friend

Honestly, without this kind of friend, you would probably never respond to any text message, email, or DM ever again. They deserve to get paid an hourly rate for the number of times they save your socially-anxious ass.

6. The Private Investigator Friend

Need somebody to look into your new boyfriend’s ex? Not only is this pal on the case, but they’ve probably also figured out her five greatest fears, regrets, dreams and her zodiac sign by now.

7. The Friend Who Will Lie To You

Look, sometimes you want a friend who is honest, and sometimes you want a friend who’s just going to tell you what you want to hear — even if what you want to hear is, “It was a really good idea for you to cut your own bangs! You look SO CUTE!”

8. The Photographer Friend

Lesser friends could not be trusted to find your lighting and your angles — but this bud will go the extra mile to make sure that you’ve got some prime thirst-traps ready on your phone, at any given moment. Treasure this friend and buy them lots of drinks (but not so many that the pics start to get blurry).

9. The Friend Who Pays For You

It’s inevitable that, at some point in your 20’s, you will be Stupid Poor. The only way you’re going to get through this time and maintain your social life is with the help of your generous friends — who aren’t going to let a lack of funds get in the way of hanging out with you.

10. Or, The Friend Who’s Also Broke

If you don’t have friends who’ll cover you, then at the very least it helps to have friends who are also cheap as hell and won’t complain about having to drink wine from Trader Joe’s.

11. The Friend Who Knows You’re Secretly A Monster

You send them your most shocking and offensive thoughts because you know that A.) they will not judge you, B.) if anything, they will probably agree with you, and C.) they will carry the secret of your true, inner garbage self to the grave.


12. The Emotionally Awkward Friend

They have no idea why you’re crying or how to help, but they’re sure as hell gonna pat you on the back and feebly let you know that everything’s gonna be okay, dammit!

13. The Outspoken Friend

Whenever a server brings you the wrong order and you “don’t want to make a thing out of it”? Yeah, this friend is definitely gonna be there to let the server know they screwed up (and they’ll probably demand a discount, too). They are extremely embarrassing, but they are also so brave and unapologetic that you can’t even get mad about it.

14. The Friend You Never See But Always Make Plans With

Look, everybody in their 20’s has this kind of friend. In fact, everybody at every age has this kind of friend. You like them, you want to hang out with them, but it never really works out. Don’t worry — you’ll randomly run into them at a brewery … and then not see them again for another five years.

15. The Friend Who Doesn’t Need Your Politeness

This friend has seen you at your worst (hungover, grouchy, and in need of a shower), and they STILL like you. You will never have to put on makeup or do your hair when they’re around because honestly, at this point, you both know you’re past all that crap — and you wouldn’t have it any other way.