Angry Fans Have Sabotaged ‘Game Of Thrones’ Writers By Having Their Pics Show Up When You Search ‘Bad Writers’

If you’ve logged onto social media over the last several days, I’m sure that you’ve read at least a dozen angry tweets and posts from Game of Thrones fans. With the final season airing on HBO now, fans had high expectations for the show. But many felt as though the writers completely dropped the ball and ignored years of carefully-developed character growth and narrative arcs, leading to a rushed and downright shameful final season.

Fans were so unhappy, over 500,000 of them decided to start a petition to have the final season rewritten completely. But, Reddit user TheCLittle_ttv wrote into the thread r/freefolk suggesting that instead, the fandom should “Google-Bomb” the writers by screwing up their search results.

TheCLittle_ttv suggested that everyone “upvote” his post, so that when anyone Googles “bad writers,” photos of showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff show up.

Some people thought that the idea was pointless…

Nobody is going to Google “bad writersfloodums

But, others said they already have when they were Googling to see who wrote GoT Season 8.

That’s not true, I googled that term last week trying to find out who was writing GOT Season 8.– takatakatakatak

Online news sources—such as Metro and Business Insider confirmed that the campaign was successful, however, now searching for the term “bad writers” refers to images from the news articles instead of the original Reddit post, as intended.

Some people enjoyed the Google-Bomb attempt, with many online saying it’s what Weiss and Benioff deserve for writing such trash.

But, some people said the idea is childish and people should grow up and appreciate that the two worked hard to create the season (and whole series for that matter).

The final episode of Game of Thrones airs on HBO on May 19th at 9 P.M. (EST).

h/t: Guacamoley, The Verge