People Are Sharing True Stories That Sound Like Lies, And These Are 21 Of The Best

4 min

There are some things that happen to us in our lives that are so unbelievable, it doesn’t feel like we can even share the story with anyone. So when writer Aidan Moher asked their followers to “tell me a story about yourself the sounds like a lie but is absolutely true,” the dam burst. Twitter was flooded with extraordinary tales that all definitely sound like lies.

In theory, they could be, but what’s fun about the exercise is how much wild stuff can really happen in this life if you manage to stick around long enough.

Even Moher was impressed, saying that they intended to impress everyone with their story, which was this:

My contribution to this thread was going to be that I once spent the night in a hostel across the street from the Queen of England in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with pics to prove it, but you all have… greatly surpassed this tame story.

As they admit, it really can’t hold a candle to some of the stuff people on Twitter have gotten up to.

Scroll through for some of the wildest stories, some of which will have you wondering if you need to get out there and start living bigger immediately. The rest will just have you asking follow up questions, like, “Is that TRUE?”