This Easter Bunny Got In A Brawl And He’s Now Wanted By Police

Easter was an eventful holiday for many this year, what with a new Game of Thrones episode, the Queen’s birthday, as well as folks celebrating Jesus’s resurrection by hiding a bunch of eggs around the yard.

The day was also eventful for one man who got his ass beat by an adult-sized Easter Bunny.

The altercationoccurred in Orlando, Florida where 20 year-old Antoine McDonald and his friends were hitting the bars during the holiday and passing the costume around when Antoine witnessed a man and a woman in a fight. He then broke it up by pummeling the man with his bunny fists.

“I saw him spit on her and then I saw, you know like a fight break out,” he told TMZ. “I just ran over there.”

“I am the type of person to avoid fights by any means necessary, but in that situation, I would fight any day,” he told WKMG.

After the video went viral, Antoine revealed himself to be the man behind the mask, even going as far as to create the Instagram account badbunnyof19.

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We know how to have a good time!! #BADBUNNY #BUNNYGANG ??

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His choice to cast aside anonymity came at a cost.

Antoine is wanted for car burglary in New Jersey but fled the state before he was arrested. He was also arrested in Delaware in 2017 for committing two armed robberies. Just this past January, he wound up in Pasco County Jail for using a fake ID. A month later, he ended up in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for reckless driving.

Dover, Delaware Police Department

I’d like to think he’s a reformed man doling out bunny-based justice.

Certainly there are those on Twitter who can get behind this big-eared vigilante, and would like to see more of Peter Cottontail’s cotton fists.

“For God so loved the world that he sent us the best street brawl in recent Florida history.”

Here’s to hoping Antoine stays on the right side of the law from here on out.

h/t: Tampa Bay Times