17 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have Toe Thumbs

Growing up, I’ve always been embarrassed by my thumbs. Not only are they short and stubby, but they are actually–without a doubt–toe thumbs. Some people who have toe thumbs (or clubbed thumbs) are blessed enough to have just one. I, on the other hand, have been cursed with two. Two short, stubby, toe-looking thumbs.
And, while I remain insecure at nail salons, annoyed when my boyfriend yells “MERP” at my thumb, and remind myself Megan Fox is in my corner, there are some things me and my fellow toe-thumb-sisters can relate to.

17. You’re always insecure when people notice your thumbs for the first time.

16. Going to the nail salon is a bit of a buzz-kill.

15. Especially if you’re someone who likes to get acrylic nails (none of them fit).

14. But, we stan our toe-thumb queen Megan Fox.

13. You get self-conscious when you take pictures holding something.

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12. Because honestly, it takes the attention off of whatever you’re holding.

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Breakfast with a view ?????

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11. Using your phone can be a challenge.

10. So you get yourself a bigger screen, just in case.

9. But, in reality, you still accidentally like this because your thumbs have a mind of their own.

8. You constantly spell things wrong while texting.

7. Everyone wants to compare their thumbs to yours.

6. Thumb rings are out of the question.

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5. And, everyday things turn out to be an actual struggle.

4. Like, using a lighter and matches.

3. Or, going bowling and trying to find a ball that fits your hand properly.

2. But, on the bright side, your a thumb wrestling champion.

1. And, without a doubt, you’ll always be unique.

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