Everyone’s Obsessed With This Video Of A Deer Nailing The Drums In Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’

Every now and then comes along a brief moment of pure, wholesome, unadulterated internet joy that makes us forget that we’re living in the barren hellscape that is 2018. This week, that joy comes in the form of a deer accidentally recreating the ubiquitous drum solo in the 1981 Phil Collins hit “In the Air Tonight” by stumbling over the slide on a children’s play set.

The video, titled “in the deer 2nite,” was uploaded by YouTuber Josh Ballico on Monday, and quickly went on to become a viral sensation.

It’s unclear whether or not Ballico took the original video, or why the person just happened to be filming a random deer when it tripped, or even why the deer decided to go over the playset instead of just walking around it. There are so many questions!

On the other hand, maybe we should just let the mystery be and just enjoy 18 perfect, amazing seconds along with the rest of the internet—as the video eventually made its way to Twitter and people frigging love it.

Even Valerie Bertinelli ‏is extremely here for Phil Collins Deer Twitter:

Doing some light poking around, Ballico’s YouTube account also uncovered the following gem uploaded four months ago, perfectly named “House of Drain, ‘Tap Around’” in reference to the 1992 House of Pain song “Jump Around.”

Especially when you factor in the absence of Vine, the world clearly needs more of these type of short videos, even if we have to wait another four months.

This article was originally published on The Daily Dot.