The Internet Has Turned Rihanna’s Dope Taste In Fashion Into A New Horoscope Trend

The Internet is always the place to birth new trends, memes, and viral threads. Recently, everyone decided to use Google, their birthdays, and Rihanna into their own personal fashion horoscope. In all reality, it’s brilliant. There’s no one I’d rather compare my astrological sign to than RiRi herself—she’s the baddest in the game. Here’s how it works.

Essentially, you Google Rihanna + your birthday and see which paparazzi photo shows up on Google Images. It’s essentially seeing what RiRi wore on your birthday, which turns into your “birthday outfit horoscope.”

People immediately began picking up on the trend and sharing what they got for their birthday outfit. All in all, people were saying that their “RiRi Astrology” was on point for them, their persona, and their aesthetic.

Don’t worry—I Google’d mine, too. January 7th Rihanna came to break hearts and…same girl.