Drake Just Admitted On Television That He Wanted To Have A Family With Rihanna

Drake has been in the spotlight a lot recently when it comes to family and children after he admitted on his latest album Scorpion that he is, indeed, a father. The Grammy Award-winning rapper sat down with LeBron James and Maverick Carter on their HBO series The Shop to discuss parenting, life, and relationships.
On the show, Drake opened up for the very first time about his family and his son–admitting it didn’t exactly happen the way he planned. On the show, he used the example of a picture-perfect family as “Drake having children with Rihanna.” He then admitted that, at one time, that’s exactly what he wanted.

Drake, Maverick, and LeBron went on to discuss their relationships with their fathers and how it has affected the relationships they have with their kids. Although Drake and his baby momma has had a difficult relationship, the rapper admitted on the show that he has “unconditional love” for her, because he wants his son to love and respect her. He admitted that this is because his mother constantly talked negatively about his father growing up.

While the interview moved on to discuss a plethora of things aside from Rihanna, Twitter couldn’t get over the fact that Drake mentioned his “fairytale family” was with RiRi.

After seeing how Rihanna curved him at the VMA’s that one time, we pretty much know how Rihanna feels.