Rihanna Ducking Her Best Friend’s Wedding Bouquet Toss Is A Whole Mood And A Half

Just five weeks after the Internet was graced with pictures of Rihanna arguing with her billionaire boyfriend while smoking a blunt, a video of the superstar ducking the customary bridal bouquet toss at her friend’s wedding joined a growing body of research solidifying Rihanna’s place as the Big Dick Energy (is that still relevant?) Queen Of The World.

The video was taken during RiRi’s weekend trip to Barbados, where she served as a bridesmaid for one of her childhood best friends, Sonita Alexander. Though the Musical Goddess posted a couple of Instagram stories before the wedding, she refrained from posting during the ceremony or reception.

Bride x bridesmaid #Rihanna #walkingintoforever

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This is no ordinary ❤️ #CongratstotheWalkers

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She also—as BuzzFeed pointed out—refrained from having anything to do with the bridal bouquet. A video shows Ri sneaking behind the crowd of potential brides-to-be and visibly ducking out of the way during the bouquet toss, standing straight, and walking away unbothered.

Again, I’m not sure if BDE is still a “thing,” but if so, this is the embodiment of it:

Rihanna is not trying to be a wifey because she “gets tired of men” and also because they (or at least current boyfriend Hassan Jameel) think they know more about soccer than she.

Twitter related. Heavy.