This Company’s T-Shirts Are Savagely Mocking The Way We Talk About Working Women

Some aspects of sexism are so pervasive we barely notice them.Think about the way we talk about music—when a band singer’s a woman, the band is constantly characterized as having a “female singer” but the same doesn’t apply for bands with dudes singing.

There are a ton of professions where we add the word “female” first to denote a woman, but we don’t with the men…because they’re considered the standard.

Man Who Has It All (@manwhohasitall) is a hilarious Twitter account with almost 220,000 followers.

The account tweets things that we typically say about women, but switches the gender to make the issues about men, which highlights just how ridiculous we sound.

One of the best things about the account is that the responses are often almost as funny as the tweets themselves.

The account has spawned a book and some truly great T-shirts.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of this one telling men to smile more.

Many of the T-shirts are of jobs that are still typically considered male, like doctors, engineers, and scientists, in women’s sizes, along with the companion shirts featuring the same jobs with the word “male” or “man” in front of it (so the fellas can feel special), in men’s sizes.

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Posted by Man who has it all on Friday, March 29, 2019

The comments on their T-shirts are also pretty funny.

Someone suggested making them in kids’ sizes, because it totally works for children, too.

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h/t: Twitter: @manwhohasitall, Someecards