Aspiring YouTuber Gets Harsh But Hilarious Burn From A Guy She Thought Was Sending Her Money On Venmo

Meet Ali Resuta. She’s a 21-year-old senior at Arizona State University who’s thinking about maybe trying to get into a career in YouTube. She’s not sure yet, but if her experience with the guy we’re about to write about is any indication, she might want to have a back-up plan.

Resuta posted what she called“a somewhat risqué picture” to her Instagram stories while on vacation in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. A guy who she knew had a girlfriend reacted to the photo and she decided to post the exchange that followed between them to Twitter.

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this isn’t rocky point?

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She tweeted a screengrab from Insta where she asks him, “Don’t ya have a gf?” and he responds, “Yes I do, Sorry I was going through my stories and accidentally hit the emojis.” Mm-hm. A likely story. In the tweet, she wrote, “Men ain’t sh*t.”

The tweet didn’t get tons of attention, but it included that swimsuit photo so you know a few randos were definitely going to slide into her DMs.

“And that’s when I met Patrick,” she told BuzzFeed News.

Patrick was one of the aforementioned randos and he distinguished himself by asking for her Venmo account. When she asked him why, he said it was because he’d just seen her vlog. As Resuta explained, “Men are weird and I’ve gotten a considerate amount of money from random dudes on the internet for no reason whatsoever. So, as you could see in the screenshot, I got pretty excited because I thought I was about to get some money.”

But, as Resuta admitted, “I was so wrong.”

Patrick didn’t want her Venmo account to give her money, he wanted it so he could actually request payment from her. He actually requested $5 reimbursement for “3:44 of [his] time,” the exact length of her latest vlog.

All right, that’s pretty funny. And because she’s got a good sense of humor, Resuta took the burn gracefully. “I knew hewas just kidding and not actually trying to be mean,” she said.

And, because she’s obviously a screenshot pro, she took screenshots of her interaction with Patrick and put them on Twitter, writing, “This is the end of my YouTube career.”

That tweet went hugely viral, racking up over 230,000 likes and 33,000 retweets. As a result, Resuta did get more people jokingly asking her to pay them back for their time, but she also got one person who did send her $5 for 3:44 of his time, saying, “that guys [sic] dumb.” Sweet!

People on Twitter couldn’t help but laugh.

She told BuzzFeed News, “Thankfully the tweet has calmed down and the internet has gone back to ignoring me.”

And as forPatrick, A) no, she did not pay him (“I’m way too broke for that,” she explained) and B) they’re on good terms and definitely got a laugh out of the fact that the tweet blew up like it did.

Resuta said that she was inspired in her vlogging by celebrity YouTubers like David Dobrik and Cody Ko. She told BuzzFeed that her YouTube channel is “actually not serious at all.” For now, it’s just a way to vlog her experiences with her friends. She added, “But, I mean, who knows, maybe one day I’ll take it seriously.”

h/t: BuzzFeed News, @rightupyouraliii