Scam Artist Texts Woman About Seeing Her ‘Bobs,’ Gets Trolled As Mercilessly As He Should Have

What is it about answering complete strangers on social media that entices us? For some reason, whenever we get a message from a complete stranger, many of us feel the need to respond–even if we don’t know who the hell they are.
While responding to strangers online can end up putting us in bad positions, it can also make for great comedy. Far too often, scam artists try to rope innocent people into sending them money–you know, by claiming they’re a Nigerian Prince or something. But, it makes for hilarious banter when someone realizes it’s a scam and decides to completely screw with them instead. Oh, how the tables do turn. One British woman realized she was being completely scammed by a man named Anil Khullar on Facebook and decided to have a little fun of her own.

Clearly, from the start, this woman is ready to troll him to no end.

Hilariously, she plays up his typos.


Clearly, she wants to be “taken seriously as a lady.”


She went even further with the trolling.


Clearly, this woman has a brilliant sense of humor and this scammer got completely owned. Just take your L and go, Anal.