20+ People Share That One Embarrassing Experience That Made Them Die A Little Bit Inside

Embarrassing moments and experiences–we all have them. Everyone in life has those moments they look back on and think: “Wow, I could have crawled under a rock and died right then and there.”

Lucky for us, as time goes by, the moments get less and less horrifying–for some of us. Others still live in the aftermath of shame. Thankfully, one Twitter user asked people online to share that one moment that made them “die a little bit inside,” and, people were honest enough to share. If you’re feeling a bit down on yourself, thank @tinytwink for giving us that medicine we all need–laughing at other people.

They even shared their own “OMG” moment.

And asked all of Twitter to share their own.

Don’t worry, Twitter delivered.

24. Period payment plans:

23. How sweet.

22. Old co-workers need love, too.

21. Whoopsie, wrong car.

20. Surprise!

19. Lesson learned.

18. This is just mortifying.

17. Good thing no one called the police.

16. Shocked you still got the job.

15. Ah, young love.

14. Better to check the car first.

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