25 Restaurants That Seriously Need To Chill TF Out

12. The restaurant that served a cocktail in a Ziploc sandwich bag:

11. And the one that served it out of an umbrella:

10. Let’s also not forget the one that trapped a cocktail in a cage:

9. The restaurant that figured this was a chill way to plate a salad:

8. And the one that gave every item in the dish its own fork:

7. The restaurant that plated a single strawberry on an oddly terrifying silver chicken leg:

6. And the one that thought levitating spaghetti on a stick was the best way to enjoy the tasty dish:

5. This restaurant, that shoved some chicken wings into a shoebox and called it a day:

4. And the one that served dessert in a tall kitchen sink:

3. The restaurant that delivered their brunch inside of a shovel:

2. And the one that stacked some onion rings atop a (hopefully unused?) oil funnel:

1. Lastly, the restaurant that believed the tastiest way to enjoy a latte is to slurp it out of an avocado skin:

h/t r/WeWantPlates