25 Restaurants That Seriously Need To Chill TF Out

The advent of phones and social media and the peculiarly generational trend of photographing your food has clearly resonated with the restaurant industry. It seems as though every new eatery nowadays wants to out-weird the one that came before it.

This largely manifests itself with the serving of dishes in things other than plates, but can take on other forms, as well. Behold:

25. This restaurant that served bread inside…roadkill:

24. The restaurant whose idea of “dessert” is an apple pastry…served on a picture of a plate…on an iPad:

23. The eatery that hung up some ravioli on a clothesline:

22. And the one that did it with these “deconstructed nachos,” AKA six tortilla chips:

21. This restaurant, which straight up gives you your pizza ON A SNOWBOARD:

20. And this one, which chose to stick a pizza (along with every other food available) atop a Bloody Mary:

19. The restaurant that carried the bill out in a straight-up typewriter:

18. And the one that transformed some broccoli florets into a scary tree:

17. And this restaurant’s beignet tree:

16. The restaurant that served meat as little doll

15. The spot that served a meal on some type of bone:

14. The restaurant that served taquitos in a cigar box:

(Kinda sick, tbh, but only if they use a new box every time.)

13. And the one that placed them into dainty lil shopping carts: