22 Real Examples Of How ‘The Office’s Michael Scott Is Basically A True Story

3. The Nickname Guy

My manager tried to get the nickname he had chosen for himself to catch on. The nickname in question was “Hollywood”. He would introduce himself to new workers/visitors/etc. as Hollywood, one of us would say “no one calls him that” and he would just be like “well…. everyone calls me that.”

2. The Rankest

Had us rank each other in order from 1 to 20, of who is the overall hardest worker. Told us no one would know the results.

Next day, reads the order out loud. The people ranked 15-20 now knew what everyone thought of them. Killed staff morale.

1. The Genius

On my last day at a sucky catering job, my boss gave me an ultimatum: work the rest of the night, or record me embarrassingly doing the Dougie and post it on snapchat. Shortest shift I ever worked.

Honestly, that last one isn’t too bad. Because no one is as bad as Michael Scott, except maybe Pam Beasley.