21 Hilariously Accurate Products Only Exhausted Teachers Can Truly Appreciate


Teachers are our undisputed everyday superheroes. Though they are the most vital and dedicated educators, teachers are often overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. If you happen to be a teacher reading this, you know the story all too well. But we would like to do something—even if it’s a small something—to show our gratitude for all that you sacrifice in order to mold the minds of the future. Here are just a few products we think any super teacher will appreciate, so treat an educator in your life—they deserve it.

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21. These amazing “Training Tiny Humans To Listen To Me” socks because every teacher knows that’s just half the battle.

Training Tiny Humans To Listen To Me Sock

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20. A clever tee to show your students that you’re not just a regular teacher, you’re a cool teacher.

Okay Students Now Let's Get Information Tee

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19. This tote bag that beckons for a greater superpower than teaching children all day.

I'm a Teacher. What's Your Superpower? Tote

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18. A crew neck sweater featuring two of your most frequent activities.

Netflix and Grade Tee

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17. This stemless wine glass that reminds the world of your permanent excuse for finishing the bottle.

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16. These wonderfully sarcastic stickers you can plaster all over your graded papers.

Sassy Teacher Sticker

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15. A warning mug that lets everyone around you know that you have a teacher voice and you will use it.

Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice Mug image 0

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14. This oh-so-ironic tee every teacher can appreciate.

I Became A Teacher To Get Rich And Famous (White) Tee

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13. A therapeutic adult coloring book made specifically for teachers.

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12. This notebook to remind yourself there’s nothing a boss ass teacher like you can’t handle.

You Can't Scare Me... I'm a Teacher 5 x 7 image 0

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11. This wonderfully sarcastic “Being A Teacher Is Easy” tee that will make you laugh until you cry.

Being A Teacher is Easy Funny Sarcastic Appreciation Gift T-Shirt

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