19 Useful Products Under $45 Anyone Who Works From Home Needs ASAP

As someone who recently transitioned from a traditional office setting to working from home, I can honestly say it is by far one of the best ways to increase productivity. I find myself spending more time on meaningful assignments rather than losing valuable working hours on a stressful commute or unnecessary meetings. However, just as there are distractions in a busy office, there are also plenty of potential interruptions at home which is why it’s extremely important to surround yourself with all of the optimal tools for success. These are just a few work-from-home products I find to be the most useful and comforting in a distributed office environment.

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19. This sleek adjustable lap desk with a built-in mousepad and slots for your electronics.

Encouraging Review: “I absolutely love this desk. It is made very sturdy and it is very functional. I would highly recommend buying it.” – Michelle Brady

Get it on Amazon for $39.86

18. A cozy reading pillow (with pockets) that’ll support your back while you work.

Encouraging Review: “I purchased the adult size FavFactory Husband Reading Pillow and I love everything about it; the packaging, the directions for use and cleaning, and the comfort. I especially like the loop on the top of the pillow that allows you to ‘hang it up and away’ when not in use. It was exactly what I was hoping for and more. Hint – make sure you ‘fluff’ the pillow when first taken out of packaging for maximum comfort. I am planning on purchasing one for my husband.” – Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $39.99

17. This nifty desk tower to hold your smartphone and other belongings you need at arm’s reach.

Encouraging Review: “I really like this. It came in an it looks really nice on my desk. I was kinda expecting it to feel plasticy or like weak but this thing is made of a really strong metal that is painted evenly with white mat finish. It has that IKEA simple feeling to it but really well made and just kinda… better.” – Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $30.00

16. A simple, yet effective stand for your propping up your tablet.

Encouraging Review: “I like clean design and function. This stand is perfect. The stand is substantial enough to hold my Fire securely. The design is well-thought out – nice angles with an open slot if you need/want to run the cable underneath. Highly recommended.” – Virginia Harrington

Get it on Amazon for $13.00

15. This compact USB-powered desk fan to keep you cool throughout the workday.

Encouraging Review: “Needed a USB fan for at work to help keep the air flowing in my cubicle. I ordered this one, over the one’s at BB& B or the other ones online because I have an over-whelming love for pink. This fan is powerful for its size and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It does make a little bit of a whirr* noise, but it’s pretty quiet and non-obtrusive.” – Queri Marie

Get it on Amazon for $11.99

14. A quick and easy cold brew maker that’ll get you pumped up without having to drive to the nearest coffee shop.

Encouraging Review: “This is a very well made inexpensive cold brew coffee maker. just follow the easy directions and you are on your way to an excellent cup of coffee without the acidity. The pot is made of plastic and easy to clean. The filter is well made and not hard to clean. it fits in the refrigerator easily and takes up as much space as 1/2 gallon milk jug.” – unojo324

Get it on Amazon for $18.98

13. This 10-foot USB charging cable so your devices can stay charged even if the outlet is across the room.

Encouraging Review: “This is the second time I have bought this cord because it’s great. I still have the 2nd one and it still works the outer part did break at the neck of the cord after about 6 months but it still works perfectly. I got this 2nd one for my son so we don’t have share. What I love about the cord is that no matter what game I’m playing or what I’m watching it holds the charge and it keeps charging unlike other cords I’ve had.” – joann r

Get it on Amazon for $14.96

12. This cable management system that’ll keep your home desk from becoming a hazardous mess of wires.

Encouraging Review: “Not much to say. They came in both colors, white and black to help accommodate different colored furniture, though it will never exactly match wood furniture. The soft rubber touch is nice and holds cables well without kinking them up. Also, the sticky feet so far hold well. I love them. If you have a family with too many tablets charging off of 5 port USB bulk charger this is very helpful to control the mess of charging cables everywhere. Highly recommended.” – Reilly Hall

Get it on Amazon for $7.99

11. An unbelievably soft microfiber throw to keep you cozy while you knock out reports.

Encouraging Review: “This is absolutely my favorite blanket in the house now. So warm and fuzzy and soft. I bought the twin size so it’s extra large for a nap cuddler.” – Michele L. Bartley

Get it on Amazon for $23.99

10. A USB mug warmer that’ll keep you from having to constantly re-microwave your coffee.

Encouraging Review: “I have one in next to my bed and one on my desk. Can’t drink coffee without them now. Keeps my coffee nice and hot.” – Mary Lynne Brandt

Get it on Amazon for $9.34

9. A pair of herbal warming spa slippers to keep your feet cozy while you work.

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

Encouraging Review: “Gift to my daughter who travels a lot and says her feet are always cold. She loves the lavender infused insert, popping it in the microwave and enjoying the warm and toasty relaxation after a full day of work. Great gift!!!” – Debbie

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