21 Foolproof Ways To Get Even The Pickiest Eaters Excited For Mealtime

10. Create a mealtime art project with some face plates.

Ms. Food Face Plate

Success Story: “This was purchased as a gift for my niece. Anytime you can make eating fun for kids is a win for the whole family! I wasn’t expecting it to be heavy-like ceramic but I was pleasantly surprised!” – HockeyMom

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9. Encourage your picky eater to drive their own utentsils around this “construction” plate.

Success Story: “I bought this set to help my Grandson eat better and it worked. He was 3 at the time and my daughter was thrilled with this. He loved the set and enjoyed eating his meals a lot better.” – Amazon Customer

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8. Seamlessly transition from playtime to dinnertime with this transforming toy train.


Success Story: “Purchased this for my nephew’s 2nd birthday. He loves trains and is over the moon for his new “Chew Chew Train” as he calls it. Dining set and puzzle and toy… this gift keeps him interested in his meal and entertained at the table during that boring adults talking time.” – Aunt Mimi

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7. Use Milton the mealtime companion to help your kiddo embrace trying new foods.


Success Story: “We bought our Milton because of a friend’s recommendation and we are incredibly happy we did. Our daughter Sydney gets so excited for mealtime now, almost a little toomuch! She loves his story from the book and immediately gained a friend after reading it with us. She loves taking Milton when we go out to eat as well. Overall very happy wiht this purchase and the fact that some of the proceeds go to a children’s charity is just icing on the cake.” – Hoosier Mom

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6. Keep different foods from touching with these plastic dividers.

Success Story: “My grand daughter hates for her food to touch. This is perfect, and it works really great. She is happy now and so am I.” – Susiequ

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5. Make hardboiled eggs seem like a tasty treat with these cute animal molds.

Success Story: “I have made both hard boiled egg shapes and bread cut outs using this item. It works great! Large sized eggs fit perfectly. I had no egg spilling over and was able to get a great impression of each animal on the egg. Whole wheat bread doesn’t hold pressed image well but it still creates a cute cut out. Both my daughters loved the foods I was able to create. I highly recommend this item!” – Amazon Customer

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4. Use these fun-shaped silicone donut pans to bake healthy muffins instead.

36 Pcs Reusable Silicone Donuts Pans by To encounter Nonstick Heat Resistant Doughnut mold BPA Free Silicone Muffin Cups Donuts Baking Pan

Success Story: “I’ve used these twice now and both times they have worked perfectly! The first time I used them I forgot to spray one of the cups with oil. When I turned out the donuts I could not tell which one I hadn’t sprayed! So colorful and they seem to be very well made. I think I could fit 14-15 on the tray of my small convection oven. On a large cookie sheet, a ‘half sheet’, you could fit 36. I just soak them in soapy water, rinse and put away. I LOVE THESE MUFFIN/DONUT CUPS!!!” – Marla

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3. Make dinner a blast with these rocket-shaped utensils.

Success Story: “Ever played airplane to get your kid to eat? It’s so much cuter with the AirFork One! And the name is EVERYTHING; so clever!” – C. Miller

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2. Keep food separate and inspire a smile with this cute dino plate.

Success Story: “My toddler son loves this plate! I like that it has some weight to it and is sturdy on a table – especially compared to the plastic (throwable) plates I previously used.” – Amazon Customer

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1. Add a touch of creativity to every lunchtime snack with these nifty shape cutters.

Success Story: “AWESOME for toddler sandwiches! Love the size and shapes of the pop outs from their lunch sandwiches. Can’t wait to try on other things like dough!” – Danelle

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Your toddler after trying out their new mealtime goodies.

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