15 Actual Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Comic Book Adaptations

Turn on the news today and you’re immediately inundated with horrible things. Terrible people doing terrible things in a world that seems like it’s falling apart at the seams.

But in the darkness, there is a light. Where there is despair, rays of hope. Real heroes walk among us and deserve the highest of praises.

1. This selfless being who left an important warning.

2. This heroine who just the changed the game.


3. This guy tripping balls with a heart of gold.

4. This antihero.

5. This cape-less crusader.

6. This lollipop scholar.

7. This phallus freedom fighter.

8. This delivery dynamo.

9. This “definitely not a cop.”

10. Alex from Tulsa.

11. This guy with the Everest-sized dumps.

12. This champ who didn’t let others suffer his fate.

13. This man of steel.

14. This military man.

15. My dad and his nightly ritual.

h/t: Buzzfeed