19 People Share The Most Utterly Pointless Fact They Know

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11. Learn To Speak ‘Merican

Martin Van Buren was the only US president whose first language wasn’t English. His first language was Dutch. – LumosDC


12. Star Wars Lied To Us

If you took all of the asteroids in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and mashed them together into a single big object, it would only amount to 4% the mass of Earth’s Moon.

The largest asteroid, Ceres, accounts for about 1/3 of the total mass of the asteroid belt. – itsamamaluigi


13. Happy Hour

The Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in California recorded a woman who had 134 orgasms in one hour. – berdiesan


14. The Key

K22MD-4332P-BYBR3-JYPV3-7VFHW is a valid Windows 98 product key. I have it memorized to this day because, when I used to work the tech bench at Best Buy 20 years ago, we would put in the key for customers and it was quicker to memorize one (and not have to dig the license key book out of their box) and use the same one over and over. This was obviously before online MS product activation


15. No Good Druggie Dolphins

Dolphins will poke a puffer fish until it puffs up. Once it does, it will secrete their poison. The dolphins will lick it until they get high. I learned this at the aquarium today. – TrustyLicious


16. Watch Where You’re Pointing That Thing

Disney park employees point with two fingers instead of one. The reason for this (that they tell you), that pointing with one finger in other cultures is disrespectful.

While that is true, they usually avoid the part that Walt Disney himself use to point with two fingers… Because he was always smoking. They actually go to great lengths to hide this, and any official picture of him has the cigarette photoshopped out. It only still exists in old videos because of how hard it was to not show that. – MrChinchilla


17. Makes My Head Spin

When the creator of the Frisbee died, he was cremated and turned into the very thing he invented, a Frisbee – jasonkrejza


18. One And Two At The Same Time

That white stuff isn’t bird poop. That’s their viscous pee. The brown/green thing in the middle is their poop, as they release both at the same time. – Noobplayzgames2


19. You Just Tried It On Your Keyboard

Lollipop is the longest word in the English language that can be typed using just the right side of a keyboard – pounds