19 People Share The Most Utterly Pointless Fact They Know

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We all have those random facts in our head that will never escape. Mine is that there’s no such thing as a Brontosaurus, the dinosaur in question is called ‘Apatosaurus.’ You’re welcome for that. The good people of Reddit went ahead and listed their most random nugget of useless knowledge, and whether you’re the person who approaches strangers at a party to impress them with a random fact, or just want to come in clutch at your next trivia night, we’ve got you covered.

1. Tongue-Tied

People from western Europe and America tend to lay their tongue on the roof of the mouth and behind the top teeth when relaxed, whereas people from Eastern Europe lay their tongue on the bottom of the mouth, behind their bottom teeth when relaxed. – sarahj2010


2. Wipe Away That Ego

The inventor of toliet paper had his name printed on each sheet. – chosai_angel


3. Wait A Few Days Before Going In The Pool

Sloths have a digestive system to match their gruelling slow moving. It takes DAYS for them to process and absorb their food. Their sole food source are leaves which results in simple gut flora. This means that sloths don’t fart. Rather, the methane thats produced by their gut flora is absorbed through the gut and into the sloth’s bloodstream. They then breathe out the methane instead. – humaninspector


4. That’s A Lot Of Rooms

The Bellagio Hotel is Vegas has more rooms than the actual population of Bellagio, Italy. – Sunrise_Babe


5. As If Puppies Couldn’t Get Cuter

Puppies sneeze at each other to let them know that they’re fighting for play, not for real. – CaramelColon


6. Royal Flush

A German sub in World War 2 sank because the skipper didn’t know how to flush the new toilet which caused seawater to flood in and create chlorine gas when when it came into contact with the ship’s batteries. Even worse for them, when they surfaced the Royal Navy had a ship right next to them. The Germans scuttled the ship and 4 men died before the remaining crew were captured. – Omegapied


7. Maybe A Name Change Is In Order

More of the London Underground runs above ground than in tunnels. – TheWierderOne


8. May The Odds Be In Your Favor

After the Paraguayan War (1870) there were only 22,000 males left alive in the country. Almost 70% of its adult male population died, which left a female-to-male ratio of 4-1. – Stepside79


9. Worlds Collide

Gilligan (of Island fame) has the first name of Ira. It was mentioned once in the pilot iirc.

This is referenced in Arrested Development: the Bluth family’s accountant is one Ira Gilligan who proceeds to embezzle funds and flee to a lavish Island paradise. – CLearyMcCarthy


10. Fancy Duck

Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy. – Puddnhead_Wilson