People Are Tweeting Their Unpopular Music Opinions And They’ll Deeply Offend You

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but that doesn’t mean that their opinions are right. When it comes to music, movies, and other entertainment—there’s a right and a wrong opinion. Sorry, not sorry. While some refer to these as “unpopular opinions,” I refer to them as absolutely incorrect and preposterous opinions—bad takes.

Recently, Twitter account New Branches asked people online to share their unpopular music opinions.

And, boy, do they deliver. Brace yourselves, this will hurt.

1. Eminem is trash.

2. Nickelback is good.

3. And, so is Katy Perry.

4. The Beatles are overrated (this one hurts my soul, bro).

5. Ariana Grande has no talent.

6. People pay too much attention to the wrong artists.

7. Genres ruin everything.

8. The radio plays garbage.

9. Song lyrics ruin sh*t.

10. But, also, music with no lyrics suck.

11. Yeezy ain’t that great.

12. It’s okay to be a “new fan.”

13. Classical is underrated.

14. Today’s music is not worth the hype.

15. But, others say music today IS GOOD.

16. Video game music is real music.

17. To be a “true musician” you have to write your own music.

18. Country “slaps.”


Lex Gabrielle

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