Patton Oswalt Raises Money For Ailing Man Who Trolled Him On Twitter

Some Trump supporters voted against their own interests in the 2016 election. There are people who can’t afford healthcare, yet they criticize the liberal idea of making healthcare accessible to everyone.

One such person is a man named Michael Beatty, who trolled comedian, actor, and writer Patton Oswalt for being an anti-Trump liberal, only to be completely surprised when, in turn, Oswalt did something incredibly nice for him.

Oswalt had quote-tweeted President Donald Trump’s new favorite phrase: “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!” He’d added a poem of his own that read, “Roses are red / Tommy Shaw was in Styx / You’re going to resign / Eat a bucket of dicks.”

Of course, some Trump supporters love to troll famous (and not even famous) anti-Trump liberals on Twitter. And Beatty took it upon himself to tweet back at Oswalt’s rhyme, writing, “I just realized why I was so happy you died in Blade Trinity!”

Oswalt, having almost four and half million followers on Twitter, is pretty used to being trolled. But he’s the master, so it’s a wonder why anyone even tries because he always wins in the end.

After their short back and forth, Oswalt apparently took a look at Beatty’s timeline and saw that the man had set up a GoFundMe to get money after he suffered sepsis, diabetic ketoacidosis, and a coma. And even though the man had been mean to Oswalt, Oswalt decided not only to donate to his GoFundMe, but to encourage some of those millions of followers to do the same.

Not even a half an hour later, Beatty’s GoFundMe reached its goal of $5,000 (went over it by $600, actually).

Beatty thanked Oswalt on Twitter for his incredibly gracious gesture.

“Patton,” Beatty wrote, “You have humbled me to the point where I can barely compose my words. You have caused me to take pause and reflect on how harmful words from my mouth could result in such an outpouring. Thank you for this and I will pass this on to my cousin who needs help. A cascade.” He included a picture of himself.

Oswalt wrote Beatty back and reminded him that Democrats/liberals are working hard so that people don’t have to rely on GoFundMe accounts in order to pay their medical bills.

On his own Twitter timeline, Beatty included the picture of him in the hospital bed from the GoFundMe account, and wrote, “I want to thank everyone who came to my aid with generous outpourings- and also to @pattonoswalt without whom I would not be the recipient of so much love and support. I’m not a man who ever cries but I had to wait to send this. And to quote Stuart on Big Bang, ‘meat tonight’!”

At least a few people couldn’t fully understand why Oswalt did what he did for Beatty.

But mostly people just commended him on his kindness and generosity.

All it takes is one person to start a movement.