Things That Were Totally Normal In High School But Are Actually Kinda Bonkers (20 Tweets)


If you stop and think about it, did ANYTHING we did in high school make sense?

Between the wild hormones and the weird schedules, high school had us in absolute chaos the entire time. We combed the internet to bring you some of the best (worst?) things in high school that made sense then but, upon reflection, are actually completely ridiculous.

1. Gym to math

@codeinefridge / Twitter

2. What was that lunch time?

@aphished / Twitter

3. Like, seriously…

@hwatson_2 / Twitter

4. So much milk.

@slimo_HD / Twitter

5. This was me, I was those kids

@lukasbattle / Twitter

6. Shorts kid

@pixiteen / Twitter

7. Oof, why.

@jfrankensteiner / Twitter

8. So early!

@sultyyyy / Twitter

9. Well. Some kids… But yeah.

@Martinsstanleyy / Twitter

10. Lunch periods

@icyjaime / Twitter


12. Too early for fighting

13. Debate

14. A mystery

15. That one guy

16. DARE was wrong

17. Don’t brag

18. Yuck

19. What a combo

20. What weirdos