Debates That Nerds Will Be Arguing Over Until The End Of Time

Some timeless debates will go on forever: Coke or Pepsi, Seinfeld vs. Friends, cutting sandwiches horizontally or diagonally, and of course, Star Wars.

Just as food and pop culture have their endless debates, so too does the nerd world.

Recently, a Reddit thread started when user u/Snoo79382 asked, “What’s a nerd debate that will never end?” and the answers seem like they’re debates that will continue to go on for eons.


debates nerds arguments forever

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– via Redditor u/3nndy1

“Speaking as one of the moderators of r/GIFs, and drawing on my experience as both a professional editor (who has focused extensively on linguistics) and a voiceover artist (who has needed to research and mimic both dialect-based and dialect-agnostic pronunciations), I can confidently and unequivocally state that “GIF” can only be correctly said by employing the G sound from the word “garage.”

I hope this settles the debate.”

— via Redditor u/RamsesThePigeon


“When I was a kid in the late 1970s two guys in my school had a $5 bet, which would last longer, Star Wars or KISS? That debate/bet has still not ended.”

— via Redditor u/reverendgrebo


“A theory on how time travel works.”

— via Redditor u/LeastConversation886


“Kirk vs Picard.”

— via Redditor u/Outside-Question

“Kirk was a warrior during a time of diplomacy.

Picard was a diplomat during a time of war.”

— via Redditor u/Captain_Bunny-Rabbit


debates nerds arguments forever

— via Redditor u/SocratesWasSmart

“The first and most important question is which Superman?”

—via Redditor u/No_Outlandishness314

“This is true. Followed by which Goku. Followed by how are you interpreting their powers and feats.”

– via Redditor u/SocratesWasSmart


“Which comic book character would smell the worst” is a debate that has raged for over a decade in my friend group, with no signs of stopping.

— via Redditor u/SibylUnrest


“Can a lightsaber cut through adamantium?”

— via Redditor u/vanalla

“Then it turns into a debate on what is a stronger metal, adamantium or beskar? Considering we know that beskar is resistant to a lightsaber.”

— via Redditor u/yikester20


“The definition of nerd. For example, many of these are geek debates, not nerd debates.”

— via Redditor u/djk2321


“DC vs Marvel.”

— via Redditor u/F0000r

“It Depends.

In terms of movies. Marvel are the clear winner by every measurable metric.

In animated cartoons and games DC is better. Their animated stuff outstrips marvel by a country mile.

Comics are pretty much the same quality regardless of company.”

— via Redditor u/WillyTheHatefulGoat


debates nerds arguments forever

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– via Redditor u/MyCatBeatsUrCat


“Which generation of Pokémon is best.”

— via Redditor u/AvailableMushroom909


“Programming language wars.”

— via Redditor u/ceolw

“At a certain point in their career most programmers ascend to a higher plane and realize that languages are just tools and you have to find the right one for the job.

Except for freaking KEITH who decided to code the data transfer process in JAVA when clearly any idiot can see that Rust is the superiour language!!”

— via Redditor u/Yserbius


“Data or data? Route or route?”

— via Redditor u/jaxdavenport


“Sub versus Dub.”

— via Redditor u/HeadFaithlessness548


Image: Star Wars

— via Redditor u/StrickenCross88