Women Are Sharing All The Fun They’d Have If Men Had A Night Curfew

It would be inhumane, illegal, and impossible to impose a curfew on one half of the world’s population, but as a thought exercise: what if all cis men had to be indoors after 9pm? If you’re one of those guys reading this, you might be gravely offended by the very suggestion. You might also think, “Hmm, I’d enjoy the time to catch up on reading.” If you’re a woman, you might just be thinking, “Great idea.”

Civil rights activist Danielle Muscato asked her followers this very question, addressing it specifically to the ladies. She wanted to know what they would do if men had that curfew. how would they live their lives differently? It seems like Muscato had a few guesses, because she asked for the “dudes’ to pay attention to the answers.

Most women say they’d do pretty simple things. Walk around, go to their car, dress however they felt. Normal life stuff that men take for granted. For many women, those things get more complicated by the harassment and fear they feel when alone around men at night.

Amongst all the women getting excited about the idea of walking the dog in shorts were plenty of men taking serious offense to the very idea. Some of them seemed to be taking Muscato’s thought experiment very seriously, considering the logistics of making the world run without men in it. Who would work the graveyard shift, for instance?

The answer is that probably a lot of women would if they weren’t worried about coming home late at night.

Hypotheticals are good for when you want to think about how you live your ordinary life and how it could change if there was a huge shift. It makes people look at what they are putting up with, even when it’s a bad idea. Like harassment. Let’s put an immediate curfew on that, one that never, ever lifts.