20+ Ways To Get Psyched Up About Your Life Again

12. Let Go Of The Past

You can’t go back in time, no matter how much you miss a version of yourself from long ago. Thank that past self for making you who you are, and then move on.

11. Find People You Admire

If you need help envisioning who you want to be, think about who you admire. It could be a celebrity, an author, or even someone you know in real life. Could they be a mentor? Who could help you? We can’t be other people, but we can think what is is about them we like and cultivate those qualities in ourselves.

10. Explore A New Creative Outlet

If you feel like the stuff you do now has become stagnant, try coming at your creativity from a different direction. Even if doesn’t change your whole life, watercoloring or journaling becomes a new aspect to it that can bring you a lot of joy.

9. Allow Spontaneity

It’s hard to break out of rigid schedules that keep us on a specific track, but if you allow yourself to do something unexpected once in a while, you won’t be totally derailed. Just give yourself a chance to experience new things you didn’t plan for.

8. Set Goals

Don’t avoid thinking about what you want: set goals for yourself and check in on them regularly. Break down the steps and skills you need to make them happen. Even if they feel far away, looking back over time you’ll see the progress you’ve made towards them.

7. Let Others Help You

We can be afraid to accept love and care from others. Remember, sometimes people are offering to help because they need that feeling of caring for another. By accepting, you’re actually being generous.

6. Find Positive Friends

Friendships wax and wane. If there’s someone in your life who regularly brings you down, it may be time for that relationship to end. Find others you can connect with who are working on themselves, too. It’s easier to move forward with two wheels on the cart.

5. Educate Yourself

Taking a class on something new, joining an edifying book club, or even reading on your own will expand your mind and make you feel like you’re a part of the world in a more meaningful way. Your brain will have more ideas to feast on, and it will thank you by generating new thoughts.

4. Let Go Of Pre-Conceptions

Don’t be so blinded by what you think something is that you never discover what it actually is. You might not know as much as you think, and the trying a new thing you’ve been biased against can be eye-opening.

3. Be Generous With Kindness

Tell your friends you care about them, give the dog an extra treat, call your grandmother. Do the small acts of kindness that make people feel cared for and seen, because that’s what you’d like for yourself. It will come back to you.

2. Take Care Of Your Appearance

Whatever that means to you! Maybe you like to part your hair on a certain side, or wear a favorite color, or moisturize. Whatever it is that makes you feel like good about how you look out in the world is worth doing, even if you’ve gotten into the habit of not doing anything.

1. Be Open To Change

We think we know ourselves so well that no internal change could surprise us. Well, if you do lots of little things, they may eventually make a big and unexpected difference. Don’t resist. Let yourself grow. You don’t know what the end result will be, and that’s why it’s so exciting.